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Air conditioning does so much more than simply cool the air; it offers the perfect balance of temperature, fresh air, and humidity, even purifying the air so that you can enjoy the perfect comfort levels all year round. Rising energy prices and ever-growing concerns about the environment mean that air conditioning systems and units must also be highly efficient.

The specialists at Crisp Air Refrigeration, in Reigate, Surrey, offer a design, installation, and commissioning service that covers different types of air conditioning systems, including single-split and multi-VRV/VRF systems. We also complete servicing and maintenance  and work with a variety of premises, from caravans to large commercial properties.

Split Air Conditioning

Highly efficient split air conditioning systems provide superior style, performance, and versatility while optimising energy efficiency and lowering CO2 emissions and energy costs. Ideal for single rooms, split air conditioners can be connected to one outdoor unit, thus making a matching pair.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Operating in the same way as a single-split system, a multi-split system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor unit. This system provides the ideal solution for cooling and heating a number of areas while minimising the external space required for the outdoor unit. Up to nine indoor units can be powered by a single outdoor unit, which can be combined with different sizes and styles to create the perfect solution.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides climate-controlled comfort throughout your entire premises. The systems can be installed in a new build or tailored to suit any existing property or premises. The indoor unit is located within the ceiling void with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through grills located in allocated areas throughout your building. The condensing unit is located outside of the property.

Cassette Air Conditioning

Cassette air conditioners have a low-profile design to enable easy installation into ceiling grids or plastered ceilings. They are ideal for properties where space is limited or there are no available walls to allow for a discreet finish.

Lossnay Systems

Lossnay heat recovery systems are designed to provide clean, fresh air into any domestic or commercial building while simultaneously extracting stale air and, most importantly, recovering valuable heating for maximum efficiency. This not only improves comfort and air quality, but also results in a reduction in your energy bills.

Close-Control Systems for Server Rooms

Server room air conditioners are designed for applications where close-control, high-precision air conditioning is essential. This includes data centre cooling, medium- and low-density server environments. telecom switching stations, medical operating theatres, and clean room environments.


The VRV and VRF systems have a number of benefits. The outdoor units are compact and can be placed close together, minimising the space required outside the premises. These systems also allow all individual indoor units to be set individually, meaning you are able to choose the temperature inside. The systems also enable multiple indoor machines to be fitted for every single external machine.


Air handling units are designed to supply and circulate air around a building and extract stale air. This is achieved by the supply air being passed through the AHU, which is filtered, providing fresh air throughout the building.